Babymoov was founded in 1997 by three male business students. The adventure started for the three men, from a mindset based on the current needs of parents. Therefore, they chose from day 1 to involve mainly new parents in their development process. Which products did parents actually need? Where did their needs lie? Parents’ needs are constantly changing as trends and the world moves, which is why Babymoov is constantly innovating and creating new products that follow the needs of today’s parents.

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Quality products

However, it is not only parents that Babymoov involves in their development process – namely professionals such as health/nutrition experts, paediatricians, etc. are most often involved in the development of their products, precisely to ensure the parents the products that will best be able to alleviate the world’s challenges and saves parents a lot of time.

Lifetime warranty

As something completely unique, Babymoov differentiates itself on the guarantee. They trust their own product so much that they have a lifetime guarantee on the majority of their products. This gives parents peace of mind and security regarding the quality of the product and knowing that it has been thoroughly worked out before production. 

A total supplier

With Babymoov you get a total supplier of children’s & baby equipment, which understands that it is the parents’ needs that create fertile ground for their idea development and the way in which they are manufactured.

B2B baby & children's equipment

We have a strong focus on negotiating quality products that go in and add something new to the market. Therefore, we also bring in great selectivity when choosing new brands.

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