In 1997, a group of young and passionate business students embarked on an adventure that would revolutionize the baby and children’s industry. Babymoov was born with a vision to create innovative products that meet the needs of parents and make everyday life easier for them.

By involving and listening to new parents in their development process, Babymoov has managed to stay ahead of current trends and create innovative products that offer practical and effective solutions for parents. At Babymoov, they believe that parents are the greatest experts on their own children, and therefore, their feedback and input are crucial in creating products designed to make parenting easier.

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Quality products

Babymoov has a dedicated approach to developing products for new parents and their infants, and they do not compromise on quality. They are committed to developing and delivering products that not only meet the needs of parents but also the recommendations and standards of professionals.

That’s why they also involve health experts, pediatricians, and nutritionists in the development process to ensure that Babymoov’s products can address some of the biggest challenges and save parents a lot of time and trouble. Babymoov is aware of the challenges that parents and infants can face in everyday life and believes that quality products create a safe and secure everyday life for both children and parents.

Lifetime warranty

When you add Babymoov to your store’s inventory and recommend it to new parents, you can do so with peace of mind. Because the majority of their products come with a lifetime warranty. That is not common in this industry, but Babymoov does it because they have so much confidence in their products that they are willing to stand by them for a lifetime – so you and parents worldwide can too.

This demonstrates Babymoov’s commitment to delivering the best products to their customers and ensuring that their needs are met in the long run. So parents can take a deep breath and be completely confident that they are investing in a product that has been thoroughly tested and approved by experts in multiple fields.

A total supplier

Everything the modern parent needs under one roof – at Babymoov.

Step into a world of children’s and baby gear with an impressive range that covers everything from sleep time to mealtime. At Babymoov, they understand that the needs of parents are at the core of every idea development and manufacturing of their products. They are dedicated to being a total supplier, providing parents with everything they need to give their child the best start in life.

From the first steps to the first words, and everything in between, parents can rely on Babymoov to be a reliable partner in parenting.

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We have a strong focus on negotiating quality products that go in and add something new to the market. Therefore, we also bring in great selectivity when choosing new brands.

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