Buubla is an innovative and stylish brand that has produced the perfect potty that can easily be taken with you for various occasions, such as on trips and travels.
The pot is designed in a simple and stylish Nordic design, which can be found in six different colours, where you can also buy the smart travel bag as an accessory.

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Unique and innovative

What exactly makes this potty so unique and innovative is the way in which you can fold it, so that you can easily take it with you wherever the trip takes you. In addition, it has a weight of only 358 gr. – which is again a good incentive to have only one pot for all situations and places you find yourself.

Finnish design

The potty, which is both designed and produced in Finland, has been patented for its foldable function, which means you won’t find a potty that can do just that. Buubla has focused heavily on reducing plastic consumption in the production of the pot, which is why in the design process they have cut all unnecessary millimeters from the product, which precisely means that it can remain at a low weight and can be easily folded.

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