MiniMeis is a Norwegian company founded in 2012 by three friends with a passion for exploring nature with their children. They wanted a better solution for carrying their children on their backs that was both practical and ergonomically correct – and that’s where the idea for MiniMeis came in.
MiniMeis is a carrier that provides a unique experience for both child and parent and has won several awards for its innovative design. Today, the MiniMeis carrier is available in numerous countries and is a popular choice among active parents who want to take their children on adventures in the great wide world.

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In a world filled with baby carriers and backpacks for children, MiniMeis has emerged as a true revolutionary. MiniMeis is the first carrier of its kind on the market, and today, the invention is globally patented.
They work dedicatedly with carefully selected and experienced partners so that parents can be completely confident that the carrier meets all safety measures and is built on good social and sustainable principles – allowing it to accompany both big and small expeditions with peace of mind.
MiniMeis is a groundbreaking Norwegian brand, founded, developed, and tested in Norway – and now, adventurous children and parents can fortunately enjoy it in the rest of the Nordic countries and the world.

Named the best innovation by TIME Magazine

MiniMeis’ innovative design and high quality have made them one of the leading manufacturers of carriers in the world. Their product was not only named the best invention by TIME Magazine in 2019 but has also undergone several years of intensive testing to ensure maximum safety and comfort for both the child and the carrier.
It all started as a private project in the Norwegian mountains, and since then, MiniMeis’ popularity has spread to all corners of the world. And there’s a reason for that – their unique and patented design is not only safe but also provides travel- and adventure-loving parents with a unique opportunity to share magical experiences with their children. No more letting heavy strollers get in the way of adventures – take the little ones everywhere in an easy and comfortable way!

Comfort for the whole family

With MiniMeis, parents get a carrier that provides maximum comfort for both them and their child. Parents no longer have to worry about cutting short the next big family adventure because with its specially designed seat that hovers just above the shoulders, they will no longer experience direct pressure on their neck and shoulders. MiniMeis evenly distributes the child’s weight throughout the carrier, allowing for longer walks without discomfort.
While parents and child explore the world together, the adults can have peace of mind – the child is securely fastened with a waist belt and leg straps. For the youngest children (6-10 months), there is even a harness with shoulder straps for extra upper body support. MiniMeis also features a supportive backrest that helps the child sit upright and soak in every part of the surroundings and the experience with their parents.

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