Meet the new carrier for babies and children developed by Norwegian fathers!

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The world’s best baby carrier

It all started seven years ago when they set out to create the world’s best baby carrier. When they became parents, they wanted to find the best way to let their children explore the world in a safe and fun way. MiniMeis was founded, developed and tested in Norway. The invention is the first of its kind and is patented globally. With MiniMeis, taking your kids on an adventure has never been easier!

Time magazine: Best innovation

We created MiniMeis to make going on adventures with your child fun, easy and safe. The MiniMeis gives your child a perfect view of the world, from the safety of your shoulders. Provides comfort and hands free for both of you. Has even been named the best innovation by TIME Magazin!


Comfort for the parent is achieved by placing the child on the specially designed seat, hovering just above your shoulders, relieving your neck and shoulders of direct pressure. The child’s weight is evenly distributed throughout the carrier, enabling longer walks in comfort and style!
While you discover the world, your child sits safely on your shoulders secured with a waist belt and leg straps. A harness with shoulder straps is included to provide extra upper body support for the smallest children (6-10 months). The supportive backrest is designed to help the child sit upright while in the carrier on your shoulders.

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