Monbento was born in 2009 in France – and it all started from the creators’ vision of creating a stylish and practical lunchbox that would encourage people to eat healthier, more sustainably, and with style.
The company is an innovative manufacturer of modern and durable lunchboxes with a unique design. Their modular feature makes it easy to customize the lunchbox according to needs and store different foods separately.
Monbento is dedicated to creating durable and sustainable products, and their design philosophy is to produce products that are functional while being aesthetically appealing. Their history is proof of their commitment to creating a better world through design and innovation, and their lunchboxes are a reminder that practical and functional equipment can be beautiful and stylish.

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A durable design that stands out

Who said lunchboxes have to be dull and monotonous? Monbento has turned traditional lunchboxes upside down with their modern and trendy design. With clean lines, sharp details, and vibrant shades, they can elevate even the most boring sandwich to new heights and make the owner the undisputed lunchbox king or queen.
The lunchboxes come in countless shapes, colors, and sizes for children and adults, allowing them to be customized to every taste and need! But Monbento’s focus on design is not only stylish, it’s also practical. Their lunchboxes are durable, BPA-free, and can be used in microwaves and dishwashers.

Lunchbox modules for every need

Monbento lunchboxes have a unique modular feature that makes it easy to customize the lunchbox to the owner’s specific needs. There are a multitude of interchangeable bowls and lids that create different configurations and allow for storing different foods separately, making it easier to organize and transport meals.
It also enables you to create the perfect setup for the next lunchbox adventure – whether it’s a trip to Legoland, a survival trip, or just a regular Monday workday.
And if the lid breaks or a small container goes missing, fear not! With Monbento’s clever and interchangeable design, it’s as easy as pie to replace individual parts – no more throwing away fully functional and sturdy products that still have many years ahead of them.

A sustainable choice

Monbento is designed with consideration for the environment and our planet, and they have ramped up the quality in their unique product – that means they can withstand camping trips, the daily hustle in your bag, heating in the microwave, and, of course, repeated trips in the dishwasher, so they can be ready for use again.
All of their plastic products are recyclable, although they are so resistant that they rarely end up in the recycling bin. Sustainability is an important cornerstone of their life philosophy, and therefore they strive to reduce their carbon footprint by producing as close to their customers as possible. That’s why more and more production is being done in their home country, France, rather than in the East.

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