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BabyEngros came into existence back in 2010 – since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. Today, BabyEngros is in capable hands with Morten Vang Jøker, who runs the business with great passion and precision.

When Morten took over BabyEngros, it was with a dream of transforming the company into more than just a regular distribution company. He wanted to create a destination for baby and children’s equipment retailers who, like himself, sought the best of the best for their little ones.

Therefore, every product on the shelf is not just an object but a help in everyday life – a solution to challenges and a relief for worries.

Become retailer

A distribution network focused on more than just sales

At BabyEngros, we believe that a good collaboration is not just about selling products – it’s about building a relationship. We want to be more than just a supplier to our B2B customers. We want to be your sparring partner and support you in delivering the best products to your customers.

We not only have the experience and expertise but also a passion to see our partners succeed and grow with us. Together, we can create synergies and take your business to new heights.

Importer of baby and children’s equipment from all over Europe

We import baby and children’s equipment from a wide range of countries, mainly across Europe, in order to find the best, most beautiful, and most innovative baby and children’s equipment.

That’s why you’ll find designs from elegant France to stylish Scandinavia and exciting Finland. We are proud to offer you a wide range of brands that you won’t find anywhere else in Scandinavia. And our markets extend across countries and borders to provide you with the best products, so you can meet every family’s wishes and needs.

Only the best for you and your business

When you shop at BabyEngros, you can be sure to add brands to your business that truly make a difference. We are highly selective in our brand selection and never compromise on quality when adding brands and products to our range.

With us, you’ll find a world of baby and children’s equipment under one roof! You’ll find a collection of brands and products that are not only functional but also beautiful to look at. Our goal for our portfolio is for them to radiate both quality and design – and most importantly, reach a high level of functionality.

We always have a sense of what our generation and future generations of parents desire and value, so you can be sure to reach the right audience.

Short delivery time and minimal shipping costs

Thanks to our wide range of stocked products, we can offer you as retailers a lightning-fast delivery time for almost all of our goods. And best of all: you also save on expensive shipping costs when we handle the import.

These are just some of the ways we make it easier for our retailers to run a successful business while ensuring high customer satisfaction.

B2B baby & children's equipment

We have a strong focus on negotiating quality products that go in and add something new to the market. Therefore, we also bring in great selectivity when choosing new brands.

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